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* All features designed by Saka-Laka

Trying to define this modern interior with steampunk influence would be: a mixture of elegance and machinery. Decoration in the victorian fashion and some hardcore industrial repertoire wrapped up in one neat package of awesome design.

Material such as rusty metal with patina, copper and decoration such as filament lamps, industrial lampshades, clock inner machinery detailing, characterize this design that helped create this unique look in the interior.

Walls are decorated with 19th century technology with a tribute to the invention era: Victorian wooden board panels, gear wall clocks, copper pipes with antique barometers and turncocks.

Colors used in interior are muted neutral color of brown, sepia, dark blue, gray, black and metallic colors.

This small café bar interior with 42 m² is made primarily to be comfortable and enjoyable. It is divided by visual distancers of copper pipes with antique barometers, integrated flower box with plants, a higher raised floor with step stairs covered with riveted flat metal plates, all for the additional visual division of space and the necessary intimacy. So there is seating with coffee tables and chairs, lounge and bar with bar chairs, depending on mood and company. All furniture in the interior is also custom made by Saka Laka: tables with steel mechanical parts, chairs, comfortable armchairs and sofa with steel angle parts.

American Victorian era the „Wild West“ – saloon’s batwing door leads through a corridor, floored by black and white ceramic tiles that separates the café from restroom with aditional 13 m², which is 55 m² in total.


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