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About Saka-Laka


For people who want to improve their quality, function and beauty of living space. Whether it is designing from scratch or redesigning the existing, our motto is: ”No Can’t Do”.

Saka-Laka was established in order to assist our clients in accomplishing their desires for the ideal living space in their home and help them to implement and execute works in order to ensure that they get exactly what they want. One of the goals is to save money by making all their ideas and desires precisely defined and visually shown, leaving little or no room for error.

Entering a clean and cozy arranged interior brings a certain comfort and relaxing sensation in all of us. But when we enter specifically designed interior in certain style or a smooth combination of styles with touches of authenticity, that’s a whole other thing. Not only does Saka-Laka design your interior, we make it unique.

In 2002 started to actively engage in fashion design. Started making fashion collections and exhibiting design works in fashion shows and fashion weeks among far more educated colleagues and professionals.

Instead of pursuing fashion design, decided to study architecture, love and dream from an early age. In 2012 after earning a master’s degree, starting to explore spheres of interest in architecture. After a one-year education in 2013 acquires a ”Computer-aided Design” diploma and becomes an AutoCAD and 3d certified expert.

In 2014 started to work as an interior designer in Dubai which shifted interest into the interior design.

Crossing our paths in 2015 brought not only great love, passion and mutual complement to our relationship, but also to design. Currently doing a PhD study.


  • architecture
  • interior design
  • 2d and 3d drawing
  • interior styles & decor
  • interior fit-out & furnishing
  • colors, fabrics, textures and materials
  • furniture design

Developing a passion for drawing in early childhood and, with the help of first mentor Javier Gascon, mastered drawing techniques. In 1998 started doing graffiti and street art, developing a recognizable style and gaining a sense for space and proportion.

In 2007 started working as an interior design-builder where interiors resembled paintings and became pieces of art. 

In ten years of experience gained great skills in building and construction, including masonry, dry walls, dropped ceilings, insulations, tiling, lighting and so on.

Crossed paths with her who brought the infinite space in which we could push the boundaries of our creativity in a most beautiful way: together!

Currently doing bachelor study in civil engineering.


  • civil engineering
  • interior design-build
  • hand drawing
  • artwork & decor
  • building detailing and materials
  • colors, fabrics, textures and materials
  • furniture design

Our combined complementary forces gave birth to our design factory Saka-Laka